Round The Mountain 2013

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With a living room full of musicians, in the middle of an old-time sing-along, I was recently shocked with that electricity that only music, or a deep gaze from someone you love, can light inside you. It’s the kind of spark that can power you for a month, that instantly reminds you of your truest self, that takes you back to childhood or to a special perch looking down on a creek through sunlit leaves and bone-like branches.

That spark is rare, but it’s one that I’m always searching for in music. And it’s a reminder to strive for something pure when we’re making it.

In a couple of weeks, I’m hosting a concert at The Creative Alliance in Patterson Park. It’s a night of acoustic music with soul, and hopefully spark.

I’m very happy to announce the line-up for this year’s Round The Mountain – Acoustic Roots. It’s a batch of folks that strive to spark creation in their music, people who conjure electricity from wood, strings, and voice.

Many of you are familiar with Michael Patrick Flanagan Smith. You may also know that he’s spent the last six months in the oil fields of North Dakota, living and researching modern American migrant work. He’ll be strumming his guitar, and cracking jokes in that voice that nobody else has got.

Red and The Romantics will be joining us from Scottville, Virginia where Red lives off-the-grid and writes songs that I can only compare to Platonic Ideals and Hank Williams numbers. Subjects like Home, Work, Rivers, Dogs, they all get boiled down to their essence in Red’s beautiful songwriting, and the Romantics add an uptempo, accordion fueled jump that’s impossible to compare.

My friend Saleem will be performing a set with his Music Lovers, and I’m quite looking forward to what they all have to say. Hip Hop, Jazz, and Blues all flow out of Saleem, and he’s got one of those personalities that lights up every room.

‘The LeeRoys’, that’s what I’ve been told to bill the group of folks from Charlottesville. Some of the best old-time fiddling and singing from young-timers you’re likely to hear.

And me, I’ll be emceeing the night and playing some of the songs that move my soul.
Please come out on Saturday, November 9th, to The Creative Alliance. I hope you get a spark. And please tell some folks who you think would appreciate a night of music like this. In a world of constant advertising bombardment, a personal recommendation means a lot.

Here’s the link for tickets and information:

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