Caleb and Saleem’s ‘Baltimore’ Becomes A Mural


‘Baltimore’ Mural To Be Unveiled On March 4 At Penn Station

A group of students from The University of Baltimore and MICA teamed together to create a four panel mural based on the song ‘Baltimore’.  Caleb and Saleem, originally paired up by WTMD in a song-writing collaboration, released ‘Baltimore’ in 2008 on their album ‘Outgrown These Walls’.  The song is full of rich city imagery, many of which comes to life in the mural, set to be unveiled at Baltimore’s Penn Station on March 4, at 2pm.  Caleb and Saleem will perform during the official reception. Further Information Can Be Found Here at MICA’s Site. And here’s a nice article about the whole project on BmoreMedia.

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