I Wasn’t Built For A Year Like This


Caleb Stine’s newest album ‘I Wasn’t Built For A Life Like This’ has received great reviews and has been featured on several 2010 Best Of Lists. Twangville put’s Caleb’s song ‘The Eternal Present’ on a mix right next to Justin Townes Earle and calls ‘I Wasn’t Built For A Life Like This’ “one of the best records released this year (and almost certainly the best self-released record)”; Honest Tune writer Tim Newby slides ‘Built’ into his Top Ten of 2010 list; and, hey!, Alt Country Netherlands gives the album 4 stars saying “In de recensie van Maxim Ludwig is al gewezen op 2010 als het jaar van mannen met baarden” (which Google Translator interprets as ‘The review of Maxim Ludwig has been highlighted as the year of 2010 men with beards’). Beard or no beard, its been a great year and 2011 is stacking up with plenty of shows, challenging collaborations, and exciting projects. Hot dog!

‘I Wasn’t Built For A Life Like This’ is available here in the Store section of calebstine.com, at CD Baby, and on iTunes.

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  1. Katherine Fahey Says:

    Congrats Caleb! You deserve it!

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