Hi There,

When I was sixteen, I saved up money from my first job (McDonald’s) and bought a Tascam 4-Track Cassette Recorder. I felt like I’d gone to heaven. Finally, I had a way to document and shape the songs I was writing, and I could make an ALBUM! I collaged a cover at the local Kinko’s and dubbed 5 copies on a friend’s dad’s Hi Fi system(dual cassette deck!) and handed out copies to the people who needed them.

From that first collection of songs I’ve had an amazing journey. I’ve travelled the world making music, art, and film. And like I always tell kids who seem interested in the guitar I’m playing, the best part about Music is all the people I’ve met—it’s been a lovely way to navigate this Life Mystery.

Details have changed over time, but one thing has stayed consistent: Albums. For some reason, I’m in love with this art form. Every stage of my life has been shepherded by the songs of people who came before. Countless nights have been spent recharging my soul on the life-force of a trusted LP. And every highway I drove was paved with the songs of Townes and Gram and Joni. I sometimes wonder if road trips are just an excuse to listen to music for days at a time while watching a landscape unfold.

From those early 4-Track tapes, I’ve kept creating my own Albums to give the world, in the hope that others might find energy in them. I’ve had the chance to make music with amazing people in amazing spaces. I’m not working at McDonald’s any more, but there’s just as much hard labor that goes into all of this creation, and I still get a thrill every time I finish a project and know it’s going to get to the people who need it.

On May 18 and 19, there’s going to be some pretty awesome celebrations happening. I’ll be releasing a BRAND NEW ALBUM with the help of a lot of great friends! There’s so many cool things about this project, I’m not quite sure where to begin. 1. It’s about Love. 2. Lots of great artists and musicians helped make it. 3. It comes with a COLORING BOOK (yes! there is a different illustration made by a different artist for each song on the album, waiting for you to color it in while you listen to that album on your earbuds) . . .

Please come to the release parties! There will be plenty of music, coloring, and Union Beer and every ticket gets a copy of the album/book! You’ll support art!! It’ll be fun!!

This album, titled ‘MOON’, has been several years in the making. Some of the songs began when I was spending time in New York working on a play about Woody Guthrie. Others started to bubble up as we finished the last Brakemen album. The project really took shape when I told with my friend Kenny Liner that I wanted to work with a Producer and he said, ‘I’ll do it’. It was cool for me to focus on the songs and singing and have someone I trust handle the art of recording. We laid down the tracks at Stages Music Arts last Fall, and Kenny brought in strings and flutes and all kinds of colors I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.

Once we finished recording, the sounds seemed to be asking for some kind of physical manifestation, and I had the crazy idea, “We should make a coloring book!” This set into motion a lot of conversations with wonderful artists whose work I love. Unbelievably, everyone I asked was totally into the idea, and willing to react to the song I sent with their own visual interpretation. One of my favorite surprises in the process was getting back all the illustrations, laying them out on the floor with Scott Dennison and realizing how connected they all are. Even though none of the artists heard the other songs or saw the other illustrations, the flow of the book makes it seem like a planned out story line!

The end result is pretty awesome, and I think it will offer people a chance to relax and reflect on their own meaning and lives. I’m proud to be putting this out there as the latest attempt to unite music and experience.

A million thanks to Kenny and everyone who helped on ‘MOON’: Thank you Chris Bentley, Kelly Boyle, Sondra Boyle, Tiffany DeFoe, Scott Dennison, McKinzie Ditter, Theo Ellsworth, Mike Franklin, Ryan ‘Bug’ Glaeser, Audrey Hamilton, Ashley Higginbotham, Annie Howe, Christopher Kelleher, Kenny Liner, Jonathan Seder, Nicholas Sjostrom, Ruby Warnecke, Laura Wortman, and Vic Yambo.

We hope to see you May 18 and 19. You can preorder your tickets here: Click Here to Get Tickets!

Thanks for coming along on the journey.


P.S. If you can’t make the release concerts, come to another show, or email me and I’ll get you a copy. This one will also be available digitally, but you need the coloring book, man!

Friday, Saturday May 18,19 8pm ALBUM RELEASE at Stages Music Arts – 10 Stenersen Lane, Cockeysville MD 21030
https://www.stagesmusicarts.com Click Here to Get Tickets!