CD Release Saturday, September 25th


Baltimore, MD – Emerging from the widely-divergent Baltimore music scene is singer/ songwriter Caleb
Stine who is the soul of that scene, and the best representation of a city he calls, “vibrant, troubled,
and passionate.” His straightforward, honest, music is what Baltimore is at its core – hardworking,
genuine, and unafraid to tell it like it is. Armed with a storyteller’s eye and a restless independent
spirit, Stine is set to deliver his latest album, ‘I Wasn’t Built for a Life Like This’, on September 25, 2010.

This year has been a busy one for Stine. In addition to his solo-touring schedule and regular
shows with alt-country rockers The Brakemen, he has collaborated with artists as diverse as Arty Hill
(who has been called the future of Honky-tonk by the Houston Press), Kenny Liner of The Bridge,
and rapper Saleem. Stine and Saleem’s long running partnership has produced the album, ‘Outgrown
These Walls’, which the Baltimore Sun called, “Truly compelling.” The standout track from the
album, “Baltimore”, was used by CNN in a news segment on prescription drug addiction. Stine has also
found time this year to score two independent documentaries.

His deeply-personal music has been described by Honest Tune Magazine as, “somewhere
between the renegade cowboy-poetry of Townes Van Zandt and the sweet rough and tumble sound of
Neil Young’s ‘Harvest’. The power in his music comes not from overwhelming volume or violent guitars,
but from simple strums and carefully measured words that together carry an army of unmatched

‘I Wasn’t Built for a Life Like This’, Stine’s 5th full-length album, is a collection of ten-
unflinchingly direct songs in which Stine continues to tell the story of his exploration in what he
calls, “an evolving and eroding America. “ The New Yorker calls this direct approach, “appropriately
train-like, steady and powerful.” His timeless style of songwriting evokes images of a classic generation
of outlaw-country songwriters like Kris Kristofferson, Steve Earle, and Willie Nelson. Each song is
glimpse into the heart and soul of America.

Baltimore Magazine proclaims about his songwriting, “Stine weds wide-eyed sensitivity to
world-weary tunes with a warm twang. He contemplates right and wrong, love and hate, and questions
the durability of what’s pure.”

The uncommonly gifted songwriter simply explains, “I like to produce songs that breathe and
spit, and sometimes leave fresh wildflowers on your doorstep.”

Stine will celebrate the release of, I Wasn’t Built For a Like This, with an intimate show at the
Creative Alliance at the Patterson on September 25.

–Tim Newby

6 Responses to “CD Release Saturday, September 25th”

  1. Kin Says:

    Well said!

  2. Becca Says:

    AMAZING CD release party. Love the new music, but also enjoyed the friend joining. Thank you.

  3. carla Says:

    There is one song on the new CD that starts out with it snowing. Was that written during one of the two snow storms this past winter? It has that feel of being stuck inside for a week, which is how it was.

    One other note, unlike past performances of yours that I have heard, the accoustics at the Patterson this night were very good and they really showed off what a nice voice you have.

  4. caleb Says:

    The snow line was written during one of the white out days last winter, yes. It’s cool that you could sense that!


  5. murray Says:

    I voluntere at Living Classrooms, where Caleb played a few tunes for some kids, who listened to his alt country, they were hoping for some funky drum or rap perhaps, yet, there they sat, enthralled, one kid, actually teared-up, and others, gave him props, for feeling the message, the meaning, the storyteller’s gift. I was thrilled for everyone in the room. thecross cultural respect, the heartfelt understanding, the intentionbon kenny, the instructor, and Travis Street, the director, Kudos, Living Classrooms, what a genuine humane moment of truth, Caleb Stine styling, music, really spoke to to the kids, an acoustic guitar, relaxed environment, a dozen great personal questions followed, and the city kids kids spoke with caleb, and he, with them, in a fresh, honest unforgettably daring caring simply brilliant everyday manner, just another day in Living Classroom’s Power House, on Caroline Strret in Baltimore’s divergent, convergent inner harbor, how lucky am I to have retired from teaching, to learn to explore what is possible when advantages are shared. You have got to hand it to kenny liner, the I structor, who connected caleb, with the kids, right in this Perkins Project Center facility, where possibilities abound, the door to potentials is opened.

  6. Tony DiGregorio Says:

    Where can I buy a CD of “Maybe God is Lonely Too” I caan’t seem to find it easily.

    Tony DiGregorio

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