So you’re a couple dudes who just finished college, you want an adventure. You want to head out on the road. You want to see America. But you want to do it your way. Something new. Something . . . musical.

Meet Dan Elliott and Maj O’Grady. They are biking across the country on a quest to understand American music up close and personal. It’s a journey through local music scenes in the American Heartland as heard from a bicycle. Their couple month quest is being documented on a blog called Bandcycle.

Several weeks ago, my friend Kat Hudson contacted me about some guys who were interviewing local bands from their bicycles, they were in Baltimore, could I help? I thought they needed a couch to crash on so I offered to have them at my place. Turns out they were curious, adventurous dudes (with a couch already pre-lined up further down the road) and they wanted to hear about Baltimore and what this city is offering up musically. You can read their take on our visit here.

They’re still pedaling, and it’s cool to see the adventure unfold. Check them out and write them a little encouragement. (Looks like they’re taking a deserved couple days off right now).

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